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Game Away, LLC is looking for an two enthusiastic, reliable and trustworthy individuals for the positions of Game Coach and Driver for eventual promotion to management once you have proven yourself.
Applicants must:
• Be Reliable
• Be GREAT with kids
• Have good communication skills
• Have an excellent work history
• Have a willingness to learn
• Have a clean criminal record
• Work well independently
• MUST BE FLEXIBLE ON HOURS (I will work with you but weekends are a MUST)

-Be able to solve problems and make decisions on the go.
-Good/clean driving record of at least 4 years
-Have at least a working knowledge of the Xbox, Sony PlayStation and WiiU game consoles and video games
-Be willing to play and teach video games at work.
-Engage potential customers at private parties and events to book their parties with us.
-Pass or provide proof of clearances to work with children.
-Candidate MUST present a professional appearance at all times.
-Able to pass a Department of Transportation physical and drug testing

The duties of a Game Coach / Driver will be:
-*Operate a truck and trailer combination of approximately 55 feet in length (trailer operation experience is require)
-The Coach will follow company guidelines in the operation of equipment and performance of their job.
-Display a professional image at all times (no exposed tattoos and excessive piercings)
-Manage parties and events
-Keep equipment clean and in working order
-Perform minor maintenance on vehicles/equipment when needed.
-Game Away Coaches will be required to work well independently
-Be able to handle customer problems and accurately resolve and report them to the owners.

Upon reaching management level the manager will:
• Perform duties as a Game Coach at private parties and events.
• Book and schedule parties and events via telephone and/or email (this can be done from home)
• Engage potential customers at private parties and events to book their parties with us.
• Come up with new and innovative ways to bring in new customers.

Learn Oculus Rift’s Virtual Reality. We will be installing these simulators in our trucks.

If this sounds like a great job for you, please forward a resume and cover letter for consideration.

Please ensure your resume includes, your full name, work history and any special training or abilities you may possess (previous trailering experience).

For more information on Game Away please see our website at www.GameAway.net.
No phone calls please!

This is a part time position to start. Pay will be 8.38 per hr during training (minimum of 30 hours)

Salary: 10.00 per hour plus tips– Game Coach

Required experience: Customer sales, Video gaming, Children interaction helpful

15.00 per hour plus tips– Driver

Required experience: Truck / Trailer driving 1 year, Customer sales, Video Gaming helpful, CDL a plus.

This is a great opportunity to get in with an up and coming business and expand with it!


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